Madeira Ohio is a bedroom community on the eastside of Cincinnati which has grown from its historical roots as a railroad stop and larger plats of land to a post war community which hasn’t stopped evolving. The housing stock within Madeira can span from a rented trailer, to a 900 sqft cape cod, to a Pease Homes kit house from 1950, to a custom house built within the 2000’s.

Currently, the desirable homes within Madeira have been new construction infill homes which are placed within the fabric of the neighborhood. These homes are traditionally purchased by families desiring to use the award winning schools- see Ohio report card. The second, and strong second category are empty nesters who like the geographic relevance of Madeira within Cincinnati, the opportunity for a first floor lifestyle and walkability of neighborhoods.

Here is the link to the Census data from 2010 which gives a breakdown.

Homes Sold in Madeira