Team Payne Blog Entries.

Private Sale in a Sellers Market : Pros and Cons

Pros of Selling your house off market :  Pros Reason #1 : Want a slower paced transaction When you’re selling your house and you’ve been told you need to “get rid of things” prior to the photographs- not everyone can purge, organize and donate fast enough. If this is You- its a good fit. Buyers…

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Sellers Market – Selling Houses or Selling an Opportunity?

Lesson 1 : Marketing language replaced by Seller’s wish list Two Lessons from One transaction:   A property in the Cincinnati neighborhood Mt Lookout closed recently and was worth reflecting on. I didnt show the property, but I encouraged my buyer to skip it because it is a ranch home that doesnt offer a single…

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Why Zillow doesnt impact my business

This week Zillow Homes hit pause on their home purchasing/ iBuyer program. This article captures the granular information and what does this mean for me as a Realtor in Cincinnati? Before we get into how this impacts my business, lets recap: What Zillow has been doing from my Point of View: Started as a useful…

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You should Buy a house along the Wasson Way project

Why should you buy a house with a railroad behind it tomorrow? Because in a few years, your rate of return will be both in the form of money and enjoyment! The corridor which stretches from Fairfax to Avondale is a transformative project connecting neighborhoods that have plenty in common that they will be successful.…

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