Deer Park and Dillonvale

Deer Park and Dillonvale are communities that share boundaries and schools and in general, they share similar housing opportunities.

The area has sections of multi-family housing for rental units, cape cods with as few as 1 bedroom and 575 sqft all the way to sprawling ranch homes upwards of 2000 sqft.

Here is the link to the Census data from 2010 which gives a breakdown.

Deer Park

Deer Park is a community within Cincinnati which is an established and well healed community with thriving small businesses and stable well cared for homes. Nothing fancy about the area but nothing distracting either!

Deer Park homes were built around the 1950’s and were generally well constructed. About 50% of them are block foundations and the other part are poured concrete. Generally they are cape cods and they are about 50/50 brick or wood exteriors.

The area has recently flourished more publicly with a building improvement levy for their Schools and that levy has created a fantastic return on investment for the residents.


Dillonvale is a community adjacent to Deer Park but is within a Sycamore Township. The reasoning behind putting Dillonvale and Deer Park together is because the housing stock is similar but mostly its because the school district is the same- Deer Park Schools.

Because Dillonvale is within a Township, it is serviced by those services- Sycamore Twp Sheriffs and Sycamore Twp Fire.