Team Payne Blog Entries.

Work Live Play

This concept of Work, Live and Play close to your home is a popular concept that is changing the valuation of properties in today’s market. Many empty nesters and millennial buyers are talking about keeping it all Close to Home.

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Baby Boomers transitions

After a half of a century of life, you have accumulated more than you need materialistically. Its time to downsize and create a fresh, clean, manageable lifestyle for yourself. Here are some tips on how you can plan, execute and succeed! Your downsize is relative to your current lifestyle and the lifestyle that you want…

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Inspect your sewers in Real Estate Transactions

We just closed a transaction with a client in Anderson who bought the most wonderful ranch house. During the offer period, it was noted in the disclosures that the house had a disclosed sewer backup in 2014 and that they have not had issue since. I also noticed that they had a mature, 25 year+…

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Buy Equity in a Neighborhood, not a house

I have always been told by respected investors that you make your money when you Close the first time on the property- you buy with equity in the property. I have changed my opinion within major sections of Cincinnati this last year. I believe within the Sellers market regions of Cincinnati, you buy equity in…

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