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This Blog diary will take you through the construction process of doing a major renovation to a 1950’s ranch house and converting it into a modern home that will live like a $700k house, modestly and within the budget of this client. I helped this client buy this property and plan the scope of work to the house. The scope of the house is larger than I would have expected and they are arguably over improving the house, but it is a renovation that is based on taste, not on market comparables. The value of the house is not top priority in this scenario.


Video #1– Exterior demo and foundation

Video #2- Interior demo

Video #3– Exterior Rough Framing

Video #4– Exterior Rough Framing, Windows

Video #5– Patio, site work and Brick

Video #6– Final Framing and Beginning of Landscape

Video #7– Landscape

Video #8– Insulation and Drywall

Video #9– Foundation Repair

Video #10– Interior Progress Room to Room

Video #11– Final Video of complete job