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Value Added for Sellers- Internet superiority, professional reputation, aggressive negotiations

If you are my Seller, my value to you is that I market at the highest level online, showcase your property with professionalism and aggressively negotiate for you.

I measure success of campaigns using Google Analytics and adapt quickly to the changing SEO battle to get more views for your property. Keller Williams Realty Corporate is the largest Real Estate company in North America and they have provided a backbone that is unparallel to other Brokers. I have the best baseline internet marketing tools and the broadest net to drive traffic to your Listing! More Buyers view properties online and that is where your agents time needs to be spent to create showing requests.

My professional report and relationship with full time agents in the Cincinnati region are assets to you as a Seller. I know the personality of these agents and can tap them as a resource, I use them to get qualified Buyers into your property, we work professionally to see your property to Closing.

Further, my background in high-end renovations allows me to understand the improvements that you have done to your home and have allowed me to successfully communicate quality to the general public with clarity.

My negotiations are professional and transparent. I believe that we negotiate the transaction with numbers and work with people who are qualified and who seem emotionally invested without seeming desperate. Desperation is too strong of an emotion and has yielded less than successful results in my past.

Due to my professional approach, my listings Sell closer to List price than the MLS average!

Please call 513-500-7474 to schedule a time for me to come to your house and present my opinion of price and begin our relationship- personally and professionally.