Loyal to a Fault?

Where has loyalty gone in our society? I am finding that younger generations of clients are significantly less loyal even after getting the same service as my elder clients- I asked myself WHY? Generation Y and the Millennial have grown up with the internet at their finger tips. I am one of them and since…

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Truth in Lending RESPA changes August 1, 2015

Per Inman Reports article by Bernice Ross (attached), the landscape of doing Real Estate transactions changes again on August 1, 2015! The Buyers ability to produce accurate financial records and the Lenders ability to communicate this in a timely manner will make this a non-issue for most, but it makes the tolerance for error to become very…

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Oldest House in Cincinnati?

I just walked what seemed to be the oldest house in Cincinnati today! It was amazing! Cracked plaster everywhere, but it was still intact. The rooms had 12′ ceilings and 10′ doors! Here are some photos of the transom windows which was an amazing spectacle. It is a mechanical system that with the pull of…

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