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Work Live Play

This concept of Work, Live and Play close to your home is a popular concept that is changing the valuation of properties in today’s market. Many empty nesters and millennial buyers are talking about keeping it all Close to Home.

Exciting new developments coming to Montgomery and Blue Ash are proving the concept of this model. What’s interesting about each of these is the Montgomery development has a focused face towards the Montgomery Rd frontage with a greenbelt on 2 sides. Likewise, the frontage of the Summit Park is on Pfeiffer/ Glendale Milford with likely an access point off of Plainfield, but buffered by commercial development on one side. They are encompassed and have very defined boundaries, unlike developments in corn fields. This detail alone on this shows future resale value because competition is controlled or stifled by lack of supply.

If I was to put fresh batteries into my crystal ball, I would say that each will have major success. The demographic of each is very similar with likely a slightly younger crowd gravitating towards Summit Park because of the tenants who have publically committed. The specific tenants have not been named in Montgomery when this was published.

If you don’t live in a location that is a Work, Live, Play structure and you would like too, please call me and we can identify a location within the Greater Cincinnati market to help better your enjoyment of day to day living! John Payne 513-500-7474.