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Pleasant Ridge is a community within Greater Cincinnati that has a history and a future. Its history is that it was a flourishing community from well into the 1800’s. In the recent 20 years, the neighborhood has been chasing the likes of Oakley and has seen significant struggles during the Great Recession with foreclosures and distressed homeowners.

Pleasant Ridge_boundaryThe Community of Pleasant Ridge is going to come out ahead. The geography of the area is positive and is a middle ground between downtown/ Uptown and its booming development and Kenwood. I believe the biggest challenge is that they need to continue to embrace their unique nature and not try to be “like the rest”. Places like Pleasant Ridge can not compete with places like Oakley and Hyde Park/ Rookwood from a development standpoint, but they can and should compete within the secondary markets like Clifton, Northside, Price Hill, Blue Ash, Milford and Madeira.
An ambitious plan was presented back in 2014 and I hope that it doesnt come to reality. This community has plenty of space on the street and I don’t think this major shift is necessary! Check this out here.
Pleasant Ridge is a fantastic bedroom community within the Cincinnati Public School district. The houses there are a wonderful mix of starter home bungalow style and they go up to the typical Cincinnati mansion! This diversity of home is why this neighborhood will see another day, it will continue to attract and retain Buyers and Sellers.

Pleasant Ridge Montessori is a major reason why the community rallies. The second major theme in the area is the “All Star Readers” program by the community library.DSCF9297DSCF9309

DSCF9311Pleasant Ridge is now an “entertainment district” in the world of community development and they are developing many restaurants and brew pubs like Nine Giant. Nine Giant has had a great first few weeks and offers food and beers in a very welcoming environment. Nine Giant is in the process of sound mitigation as the volume within the building is LOUD since so many are enjoying the space/ beers!

The neighborhood has an active community group and a community development cooperation. They advocate for the correct development and they guide the renewal so that tenants like Check N Go and Dollar General don’t come in during their community’s transition!

Stop by and check this community out, take a run as its wonderfully hilly and take in the diverse neighborhood feeling and during the political season, count the Democratic yard signs!

DSCF9299Stay safe buying and selling real estate in Cincinnati and as always, please call the Payne Team to represent you on your next sale or purchase. Professionals are made and we are always working on being better at Real Estate and representing our clients. 513-500-7474 and

Pleasant Ridge_Stava This route was a great mix of hills– both up and down and offered shade throughout in this mature urban landscape. Check it out in the map!










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