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I had a short, but successful run in Mariemont which captured all that the immediate area has to offer! Mariemont is a community to the East of downtown, a historic community. The new development in Mariemont has been incredibly successful with the introduction of new high-end condominiums. These condos replaced the dated and under utilized “4 square” apartment structures one block from the downtown core that were built circa 1950-1960.

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Mariemont’s single family residential market is a unique one as it has premier streets like most areas of Cincinnati, but even on the secondary streets, owners are investing incredible money to make their homes masterful, the civic pride is evident in the environment that they maintain. I think the main reason for this is that the true community of Mariemont is quiet small, just .89 sq miles. Simple supply and demand.


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Mariemont Schools are rated in the State test under Acheivement an “A” rating . IMG_0541

Mariemont is a walkable community with sidewalks on many streets, or the streets have a low enough volume of traffic to not warrant sidewalks. For a small geographical footprint, the area boasts many acres of parks. This is the Mary Emery tower at Dogwood Park. The area has a few grand streets/ boulevards like Center Street (pictured) which terminates at Mariemont Wall Park (pictured) which is a colonnade of landscape beauty!IMG_0531

IMG_0533Mariemont is the host of the Porsche Rallye every year and it’s a wonderful event. I would recommend putting it on your calendar.

Mariemont has a bright future in my opinion. It has a designed core with an amazing architectural vernacular unlike anything else in Cincinnati giving it instant recognition. The tax base is strong enough to support the municipal police, fire department and City Services. I believe people will continue to invest in the neighborhood and believe that the adjacent communities like Fairfax and Madisonville will thrive on the coat tails of this community.IMG_0530

Take a walk or run through this community so that you can see what it can add to your enjoyment of our City.

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