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Today began a new horizon for this blog. I am a Realtor, I am a Runner, I love adventure. If that was a math problem it would equal a New Blog “Running with a Realtor”.

Today, I ran from Clifton Gaslight district. Serpentining the wonderful historic streets along Clifton Ave heading North out of the Ludlow Gaslight stretch, I saw a fountain used to water horses, paths that no longer connect streets, redevelopment and some bad rental properties that need new owners who care about the street as much as their rent role.

My father grew up off Lafayette on North Cliff Lane, so I made the pilgrimage to the reflective sign that I used to walk to with my late grandmother. We used to walk there and I got to throw rocks at the sign- each throw would await a fantastic ‘ting’.     West Cliff sign

I continued down into Mt Storm Park and discovered a previously loved pathway from the overlook down onto Ludlow Ave at the end of historic Cincinnati’s Central Parkway. A mix of gravel, asphalt, stone edged and dirt covered the surface. I wondered who used it and why did  they want to get to that side of the Clifton Hill- work, play, friends, etc?SmokeStackPathwayStone

Climbing the dreaded Ludlow hill, I could see the neighborhood stabilizing with owners renovating, gardens lovingly cared for, pride for the Clifton Market signs. The vibrancy of the neighborhood has stood the test of time and they have re-invented/ re-invigorated the places that they call home.

I finished my run in Burnet Woods, a great asset for the neighborhood. The trails within the Woods offer a retreat from the neighborhood busyness. With Cincinnati Park events scheduled throughout the year in the gazebo, Cincinnati Circus trapeeeze, and the lake for fishing- its a “one stop shop” for fun!

This run opened my eyes to the beautiful terrain that exists just East of the Mill Creek valley. The community is re-investing in the neighborhood and taking pride in their homes. Enjoy select homes currently for sale in Clifton below-

Next weeks run will be in the streets of Pleasant Ridge and Amberley Village. Message me if you are interested in joining or have ideas for future adventures as I chronicle our Home.

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