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Facebook SOLD my house. It couldn’t negotiate, write a contract or see it to Closing though…

In the competitive world I think of cab drivers and Uber, Kroger and farmers markets and Realtors and Facebook. Each has their appeal and place in the market, but do you as the consumer know the difference? Let me tell you.

I’ll leave cabs, Uber and Grocery alone- you can watch the news for that headline. Real Estate and Facebook, or social media, has never had higher stakes in my businesses.

National data from the National Association of Realtors, 9% of home sales were FSBO in 2013. The typical home sold for $184,000 compared to $230,000 for agent assisted home sales. Source- NAR website. That information doesn’t tell you anything definitive, but it does tell you that the spread between the two is $46,000 and the commissions paid would have profited the consumer who used the agent assisted method.

If you have a house under $250,000 or you live in a neighborhood that sells within 14 days of being on the market, you are thinking “I can Sell this myself”. I am here to say, maybe, but I can do it better and it may not cost you anything more once the transaction is complete.

I want to Market, Negotiate, and Shepherd you to a successful Closing. Call me to get more information about how I can get you your equity! 513-500-7474.

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