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Running with a Realtor : Indian Hill Schools but NOT Indian Hill?

Indian Hill Schools in Cincinnati is a district of making lists- its the public school which spends the most on a “per student basis”, it is typically within the top 10 of school ratings by various magazines/ websites. It currently has a A to B rating on the State of Ohio Board of Education website. Indian Hill School district pulls students from a large area surrounding the Village of Indian Hill, which is where the schools are physically located. Those areas are known as Camp Dennison, Kenwood, and Symmes Twp. Today, I ran through several niche neighborhoods today and want to share those with you! Concord Hills was the first neighborhood and it is the most upscale and largest lots of the featured areas. This spot has half to one acre parcels, homes built in the early 1960’s which any of those with bad cinder block foundations are torn down and replaced with a modern layout custom home. The target demographic that I have for this area is an empty nester who wants to spend under $800k for a new home or someone buying an original house with updates for below $500k. Sturbridge is a neighborhood across Montgomery Rd, adjacent to the commercial corridor of Montgomery Rd, this neighborhood consists of a set of dozen streets, sidewalks on both sides, walkable, mid 1960’s houses. Theses houses are on 1/3 acre lots and the smallest homes are 2000 sqft and largest around 3200 sqft. Heitmeyer Farms is a neighborhood accessed from both Kugler Mill and Kenwood Rd, the main entrance being Kenwood Rd. This well known neighborhood is the largest of these three featured. It has lots between .25 and .50 acres and the homes are between 1800 sqft to 3500 sqft. While running through all of these communities, I noticed several dumpsters in all neighborhoods, one new construction in Concord Hills. The I-71 corridor cuts through Heitmeyer and Sturbridge, so some of the homes have the sound wall in the back yard which affect value. This is a nice place to call home if you want an A-B district, good public services, moderate taxes and a quality of life which has mass appeal based on recent transactions.

Exploring Team Psycho’s coffee shops

RACE RECAP Thank you all for taking a leap of faith with me in the first annual Coffee Shop Hash run. It was a day of miles and smiles. We began the day with a prompt showing of everyone at the Homebucks location and questions brewed within the group- questions of direction, questions of distance, questions of how are we all going to get around. Each person was tasked with running 7.1 miles after that was drawn from the hat- confusion was abandoned after all complaints went unnoticed by the race director. We were off, our lead runners would be leaving the parking lot under a twilight star and go in 2 different directions. Stacey blazed a trail towards the West, while Nick and Jim proceeded East. The runs continued for each group as predicted and I don’t believe two routes were used identically except the first runners who made it a pilgrimage in Rob Stoneberger’s memory- home, school and cemetery. The conclusion of the hash was later than we had anticipated because the distance randomly chosen was one of the longest opportunities. When at the second to last destination, Awakenings in Hyde Park, it was discussed that each team or a delegate of a team would go to Washington Square to get the runners. It became very clear at the conclusion that the race finished without fan fair and runners were abandoned by all! An unfortunate conclusion, but appropriate for the quagmire of a run that was just completed. The major surprises/ highlights for me are in no order: 1. Greg goes bowling 2. George makes T-shirts and drinks at two different establishments while running; proving his thirst! 3. Andrew’s clipboard of plans 4. Russell’s satellite radio presets 5. Richard running between each coffee shop running nearly a 20 mile day on impulse 6. Andrew enjoying a pint at Tafts’ on the run 7. Genuinely proud runners finishing in perfect time/ distance! It’s a testament to your interest in running adventure that you participated in such a developing idea of mine. I was laughing and enthused the entire time and cherish our shared love of running and ever-developing friendship! In the truest sense of the phrase- Get Up, Get Out, Team Psycho! Click on the image below to make it larger for easier reading Our next adventure is being developed currently, but will be a tribute to the Barkley Marathon- location will be our Cincinnati Nature Center. Less than 8 total miles, scavenger hunt style, team work required. Intention of format will be less static waiting around and overall shorter program time. FIRST ANNUAL WINTER COFFEE SHOP HASH RUN WHO: If you have been a consistent runner with Team Psycho, this event is available to you! Please RSVP with your estimated per mile time for a 6-8 mile run and I’ll compile teams so that our finish is as close as possible to limit the wait time. RSVP with a comment on the blog post or email Teams of 5 people. WHAT: Self directed adventure running race through our wonderful playground of streets and trails! You determine the route, but you must exchange at the checkpoints designated. Those checkpoints in order are Awakenings Montgomery, Coffee Please Madeira, Starbucks Mariemont, and The Echo Hyde Park. Each team will have a Garmin watch or equivalent and you will pass that one watch amongst the team to collect your running information. The watch is the baton.

Running with a Realtor : Springdale

Springdale is a bedroom community within the Northern section of Cincinnati. Within Cincinnati, the East & West is always contested. The dividing line has always been known to be Vine Street, which this far north is called Rt 4, which is a major road within the thoroughfare of Springdale. The area has been the location of a retail center- TriCounty Mall since 1959, it is adjacent to the historic GE aircraft engine facility in neighboring Evendale and is the location of many buisinesses in the Greater Cincinnati region. Springdale is a self governed municipality with its own police and fire departments, its own maintanence department, etc. The City services are very good because of this amount of control from these departments. The community has a world class Community Center which has focused programming for seniors, youth and all in-between. A great amenity for residents! Residents demographic information from shows that the median household income is trending within $500 annual to the Ohio average at $47,575. After enjoying my run through the neighborhood, I can attest that the housing stock is very well maintained. Most homes are built in the housing boom of 1960. They are typically 3-4 bedrooms, homes on slab foundation and generally well cared for. The school district is Princeton Schools and has an elementary school within the community. As for running, I enjoyed a 3 mile loop, which could be extended if I braved more commercially overrun roads. Routes to the north are cut off by the Interstate 275, but if you go about a mile West, you will have great running within Winton Woods area. I enjoyed a run through Ross Park Woods which is a neighborhood park with a soccer field, baseball field, playground, parking area and a major surprise– frisbee golf! There is a drainage creek that it seems as though locals fish the stream, or kids use it to play as it has some worn paths to the banks.         If you are looking for a property within the area, please review our listing at 11687 Lawnview Ave, Springdale OH 45246 or any of these properties Actively for sale!    

Running with a Realtor: Pleasant Ridge

Pleasant Ridge is a community within Greater Cincinnati that has a history and a future. Its history is that it was a flourishing community from well into the 1800’s. In the recent 20 years, the neighborhood has been chasing the likes of Oakley and has seen significant struggles during the Great Recession with foreclosures and distressed homeowners. The Community of Pleasant Ridge is going to come out ahead. The geography of the area is positive and is a middle ground between downtown/ Uptown and its booming development and Kenwood. I believe the biggest challenge is that they need to continue to embrace their unique nature and not try to be “like the rest”. Places like Pleasant Ridge can not compete with places like Oakley and Hyde Park/ Rookwood from a development standpoint, but they can and should compete within the secondary markets like Clifton, Northside, Price Hill, Blue Ash, Milford and Madeira. An ambitious plan was presented back in 2014 and I hope that it doesnt come to reality. This community has plenty of space on the street and I don’t think this major shift is necessary! Check this out here. Pleasant Ridge is a fantastic bedroom community within the Cincinnati Public School district. The houses there are a wonderful mix of starter home bungalow style and they go up to the typical Cincinnati mansion! This diversity of home is why this neighborhood will see another day, it will continue to attract and retain Buyers and Sellers.

Running with a Realtor : Mariemont Edition

I had a short, but successful run in Mariemont which captured all that the immediate area has to offer! Mariemont is a community to the East of downtown, a historic community. The new development in Mariemont has been incredibly successful with the introduction of new high-end condominiums. These condos replaced the dated and under utilized “4 square” apartment structures one block from the downtown core that were built circa 1950-1960. Mariemont’s single family residential market is a unique one as it has premier streets like most areas of Cincinnati, but even on the secondary streets, owners are investing incredible money to make their homes masterful, the civic pride is evident in the environment that they maintain. I think the main reason for this is that the true community of Mariemont is quiet small, just .89 sq miles. Simple supply and demand. Mariemont Schools are rated in the State test under Acheivement an “A” rating .  Mariemont is a walkable community with sidewalks on many streets, or the streets have a low enough volume of traffic to not warrant sidewalks. For a small geographical footprint, the area boasts many acres of parks. This is the Mary Emery tower at Dogwood Park. The area has a few grand streets/ boulevards like Center Street (pictured) which terminates at Mariemont Wall Park (pictured) which is a colonnade of landscape beauty! Mariemont is the host of the Porsche Rallye every year and it’s a wonderful event. I would recommend putting it on your calendar. Mariemont has a bright future in my opinion. It has a designed core with an amazing architectural vernacular unlike anything else in Cincinnati giving it instant recognition. The tax base is strong enough to support the municipal police, fire department and City Services. I believe people will continue to invest in the neighborhood and believe that the adjacent communities like Fairfax and Madisonville will thrive on the coat tails of this community. Take a walk or run through this community so that you can see what it can add to your enjoyment of our City.

Running with a Realtor, Clifton

Today began a new horizon for this blog. I am a Realtor, I am a Runner, I love adventure. If that was a math problem it would equal a New Blog “Running with a Realtor”. Today, I ran from Clifton Gaslight district. Serpentining the wonderful historic streets along Clifton Ave heading North out of the Ludlow Gaslight stretch, I saw a fountain used to water horses, paths that no longer connect streets, redevelopment and some bad rental properties that need new owners who care about the street as much as their rent role. My father grew up off Lafayette on North Cliff Lane, so I made the pilgrimage to the reflective sign that I used to walk to with my late grandmother. We used to walk there and I got to throw rocks at the sign- each throw would await a fantastic ‘ting’.      I continued down into Mt Storm Park and discovered a previously loved pathway from the overlook down onto Ludlow Ave at the end of historic Cincinnati’s Central Parkway. A mix of gravel, asphalt, stone edged and dirt covered the surface. I wondered who used it and why did  they want to get to that side of the Clifton Hill- work, play, friends, etc? Climbing the dreaded Ludlow hill, I could see the neighborhood stabilizing with owners renovating, gardens lovingly cared for, pride for the Clifton Market signs. The vibrancy of the neighborhood has stood the test of time and they have re-invented/ re-invigorated the places that they call home. I finished my run in Burnet Woods, a great asset for the neighborhood. The trails within the Woods offer a retreat from the neighborhood busyness. With Cincinnati Park events scheduled throughout the year in the gazebo, Cincinnati Circus trapeeeze, and the lake for fishing- its a “one stop shop” for fun! This run opened my eyes to the beautiful terrain that exists just East of the Mill Creek valley. The community is re-investing in the neighborhood and taking pride in their homes. Enjoy select homes currently for sale in Clifton below- Next weeks run will be in the streets of Pleasant Ridge and Amberley Village. Message me if you are interested in joining or have ideas for future adventures as I chronicle our Home.