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After a half of a century of life, you have accumulated more than you need materialistically. Its time to downsize and create a fresh, clean, manageable lifestyle for yourself. Here are some tips on how you can plan, execute and succeed!

Your downsize is relative to your current lifestyle and the lifestyle that you want to create. For the sake of this exercise, lets assume that you are in a traditional 4 bedroom house that is 3000 sqft and you would like to transition to a 2000 sqft condo. Logically, you need to eliminate 1/3 of your everyday room items and you likely need to downsize long term storage by at least 50%.

Start with the kids. Memory boxes are distributed to the kids on their birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. Its your children’s responsibility to save what they cherish and its likely a large proportion of what you are carrying!

Second, the closets should be paired down by being honest to what you wear, fit in, and love. Our family likes to support different causes, but the Veterans will come and pick up your under used clothes and provide those to people who are more vulnerable.

Third, downsize your bedroom sets. If your children haven’t already taken the beds for apartments or their homes Now is the time to start asking them if they have interest in their old bed, dresser, rugs, etc. Clean out the room completely and either leave it empty or stage it as a home office, music room, playroom, etc.

Finally, yes finally, its your personal belongings- your everyday couches, chairs, end tables, artwork, etc. Depending on personality and how you want to see your transition occur- an Auction could be a good option if you don’t want to micromanage. Locally, we have Everything But The House as the dominate force. Another option is to hire a local consignment shop to market them, or you can talk to regional antique dealer.

Emotionally and physically, this process is exhausting! Dealing with (sarcasm) your ungrateful children not wanting your perfectly fine ____, its never easy hearing someone doesn’t want what you have…

Ive found that once you are in a place mentally to accept the fact that your stuff is fine without you, it is a liberating and rewarding step towards your transition to a smaller home. I have heard from many people that liquid courage is a fine way to overcome hesitance!

As always, have fun with your move and be careful out there Selling and Buying Real Estate! Check out these condos in Hamilton County that are 2+ bedrooms and min. 2 car garage.

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