“John made the sale of our home and purchase of a new home quick and easy. John’s knowledge of the market in our area helped us to not only sell our home within two weeks but then turn around and purchase a home one week later. We were given 30 days until closing which did not leave us with a ton of time to find our home. John set up many showings for us in a very short period of time and we were able to find the perfect home for our family. John made the transition from seller to buyer a pleasant experience and truly took the time to give us all the information we needed so we were prepared for each step of the process. John was very easy to work with and we will definitely recommend him to anyone in the market to sell or buy a home.”

Katie and Ryan, Loveland

“John was amazing to work with in the sell of our home. He is very honest and trustworthy and we  always felt that he had our best interests in mind. He was a wealth of knowledge during the whole  process. He had great, reliable contacts for some post inspection work we had to have  completed. John was always assessable to us and took care of issues, while we were looking for our new  property in another state. We always felt like he heard our concerns and worked diligently to help  us obtain our home’s worth. I would recommend the John Payne Team to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.”

Julie and Chris, Madeira

“It was a great pleasure to work with John in the selling of our home in Cincinnati. At our initial interview with John, we were in the process of moving to Florida, it was his idea to not list the property until after the move. The property was listed at a very competitive price for the market and area, John work tirelessly in finishing the clean out of the home, having the house cleaned,  arranging for painters, and meeting repair persons and contractors. We were over 1000 miles  away and felt that our most precious possession was in good hands. He was available to walk  with us through all of the details in bringing about the successful sell of our property. John did all  of the work for us; he went above and beyond my expectations of what a realtor should do. With John on our side you don’t have to be concerned.”

Thelma and James, Springfield Twp

“Working with the Payne Team was a pleasure from the start, John took the time to sit down and really find out what we want in a home. His background in construction was evident and extremely helpful as he pointed out possible issues with the build of houses ( possible money pits), and identifying what to be concerned with on the inspections. John even went as far as contacting reliable and skilled contractors to get pricing and information as needed. His knowledge of the current markets and negotiating skills helped us buy our dream home at below market value in the very competitive Anderson market. John took our directions and was able to guide us through the entire process, I felt part of Team Payne and that we were driving the entire buying process. I have not hesitated to recommend John to anyone I hear talking about buying or selling a home.”

Liz and Ed, Anderson

“We worked with John to sell our condo and are now working with him to find a house. He goes above and beyond the call of duty, and we know we are truly lucky to have him as our agent. When selling, he helped us find contractors and get estimates to make needed repairs. We felt throughout the entire process that he had our best interests in mind, and was very honest and patient with us. In addition to this, other agents have made comments on how easy he is to work with (we agree.) As buyers, John has helped us tremendously in narrowing down what we are looking for. John’s pre-real estate educational and professional background is invaluable and sets him apart from other agents. When we go through houses he is able to not only see potential problems but can break down what it would take to fix in terms of time and resources. What we like most about John is that he is just a genuinely nice person, is honest and easy to work with. He doesn’t have the ‘sales’ personality that many agents have, and he doesn’t need to. He knows his stuff! We highly recommend him to anyone who is considering buying or selling.”

Haylee and Josh, Mt Auburn