Central Business and OTR

Central Business District (CBD) and Over the Rhine (OTR) are far from the same areas, but within our Multiple Listing Service, they are one in the same- so Im going to group them accordingly below:

Central Business District

Central Business District, which is also just called Downtown is the area generally bound by highways on the East and West and then Central Parkway to the North and the Ohio River to the South.

Like most inner city downtowns, our City has been redeveloping undoing some of the social constructs of the 1950’s. Our downtown now has a great number of residences, primarily condominium projects. The diversity of the condos is generally constrained by the following:

  • Geography within the district
  • Parking onsite
  • Unit Scale and Amenities
  • Scale of overall building
  • Architectural significance

As a consumer, your value is based on the markets demands and as we go towards less automotive centric communities, the development decisions and reliance on public transit have increased with mixed reviews in this community. Google ‘Cincinnati Streetcar’ for plenty of adjacent conversations on this topic!


The Over-the-Rhine district of Downtown Cincinnati is a landmass just North of Central Parkway and stops generally at the toe of the slope of Clifton Hill. Cincinnati is called the City of Seven Hills and this communities limits are defined by that geography!

OTR has a fascinating history within our City and is best found here through this link. Im just not going to write it better!

The area in the past 10 years has seen a re-invention which has caught the attention Nationally as a model of private and public partnership. The term “gentrification” is a breathing thing within this area and you still see a juxtaposition throughout the neighborhood.

From a housing standpoint, this market can offer more single family rowhouse opporutinties and offers both new and renovated structures generally under a 4 story total height. New buildings typically have parking as part of their foundations and or have alley accessed parking lots for owners.

The OTR District has become an entertainment destination for Cincinnati locals and visitors for great food and drink!