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You should Buy a house along the Wasson Way project

Why should you buy a house with a railroad behind it tomorrow? Because in a few years, your rate of return will be both in the form of money and enjoyment! The corridor which stretches from Fairfax to Avondale is a transformative project connecting neighborhoods that have plenty in common that they will be successful. I can see myself jumping on my bike and traversing this corridor to enjoy dinner, cocktails and entertainment- locking up for the night and Ubering home. I believe a potential use of the corridor will be for just social events. ┬áIt will also be for the bike commuters living in one area and working in an adjacent. It will connect children to schools and provide safe routes. Email or call me to be put on a MLS property search that traverses our City. This is exciting and for those looking for “value” in property, you can not afford to not take notice! or 513-500-7474