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We worked with John to sell our condo and are now working with him to find a house. He goes above and beyond the call of duty, and we know we are truly lucky to have him as our agent. When selling, he helped us find contractors and get estimates to make needed repairs. We felt throughout the entire process that he had our best interests in mind, and was very honest and patient with us. In addition to this, other agents have made comments on how easy he is to work with (we agree.)

As buyers, John has helped us tremendously in narrowing down what we are looking for. John’s pre-real estate educational and professional background is invaluable and sets him apart from other agents. When we go through houses he is able to not only see potential problems but can break down what it would take to fix in terms of time and resources.

What we like most about John is that he is just a genuinely nice person, is honest and easy to work with. He doesn’t have the ‘sales’ personality that many agents have, and he doesn’t need to. He knows his stuff! We highly recommend him to anyone who is considering buying or selling.