Lets start with opportunities because we should be talking about opportunity not what exists! The second floor of the house is currently unfinished, yet two homes on the street which are on the market have significant dormers and this same opportunity exists within this floorplan.

View from the first floor to the second floor, unfinished stairs- needs a dormer, HVAC, interior framing, plumbing, electric, insulation, roof- estimate would be $100/sqft or $65k to make a nice 2 bedrooms.

The lower level has cracks on all sides, but its consistent and could be repaired with a structural engineers design/ oversight. Seller does not want contingencies, but would consider a due diligence period for a contract to allow an understanding of the needed repairs. Water on the ground is ground water, not potted from the house plumbing.

Property Features

  • builders
  • building lot
  • handyman special
  • new construction